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Helpful Links from Serpas: 

State Discovery Rules
Discovery Rules for each state. 

Guide to Federal District Court Legal Rules
In 1998 we started tracking on-line sources for the local rules of the District Courts. By now, nearly all the courts have their rules posted on their website. 

U.S. Federal Court Forms
Forms and guidelines for federal court. The federal courts often are called the guardians of the Constitution because their rulings protect rights and liberties guaranteed by it. Through fair and impartial judgments, the federal courts interpret and apply the law to resolve disputes. The courts do not make the laws. That is the responsibility of Congress. Nor do the courts have the power to enforce the laws. That is the role of the President and the many executive branch departments and agencies. 

Miscellaneous Louisiana Links:

New Orleans Saints 

New Orleans Pelicans 

LSU Tigers 

Tulane Green Wave